Welcome! We are so glad you decided to join our AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteer program. We know you will be blessed as you serve those who need us most!

To get started, follow the steps below. We will help you as needed each step of the way.

1. AARP Foundation APPLY! - Click on this link, which takes you to
  • If you already have an AARP.org account, login, fill out the required fields and additional information and click submit.
  • If you do NOT yet have an AARP.org account, you will create one as you fill out the required fields and additional information, and click submit.
A popup window will inform you that you will be contacted once your application has been reviewed, and an email will be sent to the email address you registered to confirm your application submission.

If you have trouble during the application process, you may submit your information here, or contact Patricia to enter the information for you.

Your information will be sent to a database where it will be securely held until a staff member manually creates a record for you in the Portal.

2. IRS STUDY! - In addition to training classes, you can study on your own. Click on this link, which takes you to https://apps.irs.gov/app/vita/sitemap.jsp where on the right-hand side you will see several links for sessions in the online guided lessons.

For a digital (printable) version of the training guides, click on
VITA/TCE Training Guide PDF's. It is a zip file, that, when unzipped, will give you
  1. Publication 4491 - the training guide for tax law and preparing returns.
  2. Publication 4942 - the training guide and test for Health Savings Accounts
  3. Publication 4961 - the training guide for Volunteer Standards of Conduct - Ethics Training (We will cover this training as well as the Intake/Interview and Quality Review Training in class.)
    Note: Certification in both Volunteer Standards of Conduct - Ethics training and Intake/Interview and Quality Review training sections are required of all AARP Foundation Taxaide volunteers, including greeters and Client Facilitators. Tax Counselors will also need to certify in Advanced and HSA modules.

3. LINKANDLEARN - PRACTICE! - Some of the training involves preparing sample returns. This link takes you to https://vita.taxslayerpro.com/IRSTraining/en/Account/Access where you can access the practice lab. It allows you to enter information, simulating actual return practice.
  1. Your local coordinator or trainer will give you the password to access this area.
  2. Create your Link and Learn practice account login. Your practice login ID should contain the word TRAIN in it, such as TRAINjoe, or Pattytrain
  3. When you login to this section, Click on Go to the Practice Area. For help in the TaxSlayer Pro Online program, see Section O in your Publication 4012.

4. LINKANDLEARN - TEST! This link will take you to the testing area. Follow the instructions to set up an IRS login. When you login, select the Advanced tab to access the tests you will take. We want you to pass the tests on the first try, so if you have any questions before taking the tests, let us know.

Remember! we are here with you all the way.
Any questions, call or email and we will help you through the process.